Bridal Parties & Centerpieces

Wedding flowers are an expression of joy and best wishes for the happy couple as a reflection of themselves. The use of wedding flowers, in the form of garlands, clutches, or elaborate bouquets has come to signify many meaning through out the ages. Records show, as early as the Roman and ancient Greek ears, flowers have been a focal point, much … [Read more...]

Bridal Bouquets

The day is YOURS. Let your bouquet set the tone for your wedding. Bridal bouquets have to complement you and your taste. From your bouquet, we will develop the entire selection process for the bridal party, parents, grand parents, ceremony and reception. The bouquet can be very simplistic or elaborate, but no matter what, great detail is … [Read more...]

Funeral Flowers

There are many reasons for giving funeral flowers. The main reason being to express sympathy to the family of the deceased. Often people use flowers as a means to express loss and sympathy to the family when they cannot express their emotions. Funeral flower also function as a way to help take the family's mind off the loss and can make a … [Read more...]

Everyday Designs

The giving of gifts, especially fresh flowers, transcends the ages. Their freshness uplifts people no matter what the occasion. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a simple just because, fresh flower designs from Clarke Floral Design can send that special message. Choose from fresh weekly shipments from international and Canadian … [Read more...]

Seasonal Flower Arrangements

The gift of fresh flowers anytime is special. But for a special occasion, it makes the holiday much more memorable. Whether it's the smell of fresh evergreens at Christmas or the mixed cut flowers on Mother's Day, let us say it best for you with our unique designs just for you! Various Valentine's Day … [Read more...]